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Where does that water come from?

Most people don’t even think about where water comes from. They turn on the tap, and water comes out! But here in Colorado, all water belongs to somebody, and that simple act of turning on the faucet involved a very complicated, very expensive process.

A new way to cure cancer

Working with Pfizer, the University of Colorado Hospital Cancer Center has cleared clinical trials on the drug Crizotinib, which has proven to stop certain lung cancers in their tracks, returning patients to normal life within days of beginning treatment.

UCH tests the patients’ tumors genetically to see which drug is most likely to perform best, and then proceeds with administering the correct drug. Unlike chemotherapy, which broadly treats cancers, causing lots of terrible side effects, Crizotinib and other targeted drug therapies don’t make the patient sick, and results are nearly immediate.

Patient Andy Bonnett commented “I almost forget that I have cancer,” after recently taking a bike ride. Bonnett also surfs, skis and snowboards, and mountain hikes. It is quite a contrast to his time with chemotherapy, languishing and suffering in a darkened room, confined to his bed.

Hyperborea Trip Camps Story

For 20 years, Ken Crady took teenage students on excursions, each lasting from as little as a week, to as long as 80 days. Camping and learning about the outdoors, as well as learning how things worked, and how to be part of a team of your fellow campers taught these kids how to be successful adults.


Watch this video, and then go camping, get some exercise, and see your world up close and personal.

Changing Aspen means winter is coming

As aspens in Colorado begin to turn, we locals know it is time to prepare for winter, as do the trees and the animals.

Cardiac Cook’s Quips


Cardiologist Richard Collins makes remarks about how a healthy diet can improve heart health. Gentle reminders that everyone could do a little bit to eat better and enjoy life more.

Cardiac Cook’s Quips