Postcards from the Wilderness: Lost Creek 3

It this wilderness of huge things: Huge rock formations, huge trees and forests, some of the wonderful scenes are actually quite small, like this feast going on among flying insects (please click on each photo to see a large version):



If you look closely, you can see two butterflies sucking nectar out of a thistle, and two bee flies doing the same, while a honey bee, a mosquito, and a gnat are hovering nearby, waiting their turn.




Meanwhile, on the other side of the meadow, a young and healthy stand of aspens shades the understory of the forest.



My backpacking buddy, John Stephens, brought along his 4X5 view camera, which added at least 12 pounds to his pack, but there is no substitute for that large format, and I am in awe that he chose to shoot film on the trip, while I chose a DSLR Nikon and zoom lens.




Here’s a fireweed flower growing among a spruce tree’s boughs. I don’t know why they call it a weed, because it is quite pretty.



Last shot in this postcard edition, a view of aspens through one of the many windows in the scattered boulders that characterize Lost Creek Wilderness.


Postcards from the Wilderness: Lost Creek 3

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